February 6, 2023

Pedro (A Goatherd)

Description: Pedro is one of a group

Pedro (A Goatherd) - Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

of six goatherds who Don Quixote first encounters in the wilds of the Sierra. After telling the story of a scholar-shepherd named Grisostomo—who died of love for a beautiful and wealthy Don Quixote Narrative young woman named Marcela—Pedro informs our knight that since he gored his foot with a broken branch, he has to forego Grisostomo’s funeral in order to stay behind to look after the goats. During this speech, Don Quixote corrects his misspeech thrice: once when exchanges the word “eclipse” for “clips;” again when he exchanges the word “sterile” for “hysterical;” and once again when he exchanges the word “Moses” for “noses.” It seems Don Quixote educates Pedro a bit Don Quixote – California’s Wine Trade Took a Substantial Hit During the Prohibition by teaching him that the practice of the science of stars, which Pedro references in relation to Grisostomo, is actually called astrology. In return, Pedro asks Don Quixote to stay in his hut because the damp night air may aggravate his wounded ear.



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