February 6, 2023

Pedro Alonso (Don Quixote’s Neighbor)

Pedro Alonso (Don Quixote’s Neighbor)
Don Quixote Novel

Pedro Alonso Rescues Don Quixote: Readers learn that Pedro Alonso is a farmer from Don Quixote’s own village, “one of his neighbors [who] happened to be returning home after taking a hundredweight of wheat to the mill.” Seeing Don Quixote lying on the ground, pummeled by a group of silk merchants on their way to Murcia, Pedro Alonso asks Don Quixote “who he is, what is the matter with him, [and why he] moans like that.” Since Don Quixote thinks Pedro is his hypothetical, chivalric, uncle, named the Don Quixote – The Translator’s Skill Marquis of Mantua, his “only response is to recite [a] ballad [that] informs the man of his misfortune and of the love the Emperor’s son felt for his wife, exactly as the ballad relates.” The farmer is “astonished to hear this nonsense so he removes [Don Quixote’s] visor, which had been battered to pieces, wipes his face” and recognizes his neighbor. This is why the farmer exclaims: “Senor Quixana who’s done this to you?” But since Don Quixote continues to babble his ballad, Pedro Alonso “takes his back and breast plates off as best he [can,] to see if [Don Quixote] is wounded.” But since “he can’t see any blood or signs of hurt, he manages to Don Quixote de la Mancha – Adage and Intelligence lift him up, and with great difficulty hoists him onto [his] donkey, since this seems the more tranquil animal.” Then, Pedro Alonso “picks [Don Quixote’s armour and arms] up including his lance fragments, and ties them to Rocinante, [which he] takes by the reins.” Eventually, Pedro Alonso “takes his donkey by the halter [and] sets off in the direction of his village, deep in thought as he hears the nonesense spoken by Don Quixote.” Badly bruised and breathing deep sighs, Don Quixote recalls tales about Baldwin and Abindarraez the Moor, and other historical figures. In reply, the farmer says that he is “Pedro Alonso, [his] neighbor; and [Don Quixote isn’t] Baldwin, nor Abindarrez, but the honourable hidalgo Senor Quixana.” Realizing that Don Quixote is mad, Work — Don Quixote de la Mancha Pedro Alonso hurries to his village “[he doesn’t] to have to put up with Don Quixote’s interminable harangue more than necessary.” With this and other amusing exchanges about his and Don Quixote’s identity, eventually the two men approach the village in the afternoon; but “the farmer waits until it is darker so that nobody can see the battered hidalgo so wretchedly mounted.” When it is dark enough, Pedro Alonso “enters the village, [goes] straight to Don Quixote’s house,” where, on his doorstep, Don Quixote’s shouts about Sir Baldwin and the Marquis of Mantua. This ruckus brings his niece, Antonio Quixano, his unnamed housekeeper, along with father Pero Perez and Master Nicholas to the door. These four persons take Don Quixote off of Pedro Alonso’s donkey and rush him to his bed.

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