February 6, 2023

Pedro de Bustamante


Pedro de Bustamante - Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Pedro de Bustamante is the uncle of one of the Captive Captain’s companions named Velez Malaga, who ransoms California Reconquista – California Was in fact Once a Fatherland of Its Of their personal himself free and escapes from Algeria to Andalusia aboard a small boat piloted by a Muslim Renegade. Once upon Spanish lands, however, when patrolling the shore as a coastguardsman, Pedro de Bustamante, upon recognizing his nephew, leaps from his horse and embraces him tightly. At Pedro Bustamante’s sudden and unexpected reunion with his nephew he says that all these years he, along with Velez’s sister and mother, thought that they Don Quixote wordsmith – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra had lost him in battle, which caused them to grieve over his death to the depths of their souls. But, since God, Pedro says, is “very pleased to spare him,” his family will be glad to see him back in Spain.


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