February 6, 2023

La Molinera (Prostitute From The First Inn)

Description: Like La Tolosa, La Molinera is Don Quixote Novel – also a prostitute whom Don Quixote encounters sitting in front of the doorstep of the first inn that he visits, on her way to Seville with a group of Muleteers. When our knight approaches the inn, La Molinera peers at him to make out his face which is hidden behind an ill-made visor.

Prostitutes From The First Inn
Don Quixote Novel

Upon hearing herself called a maiden, La Molinera cannot contain her hearty laughter since such a respectful salutation contradicts her profession as a call girl. In response to La Molinera’s guffaw, Don Quixote exclaims that “laughter which springs from a petty cause is a great folly since moderation befits the fair.” Heeding Don Quixote’s advice about laughing unrestrainedly, La Molinera has to exercise all her will and discretio California Reconquista – California Was Once a Nation of Its Own to contain her laughter when Don Quixote is dubbed a knight by the innkeeper. After buckling on Don Quixote’s spurs like a noble lady, we learn that La Molinera is the daughter of an honourable miller from Antoquera. Like La Tolosa, La Molinera is also renamed Donna by Don Quixote as a sign of her newborn status. In conclusion, before Don Quixote leaves the first inn in search of further adventures, he offers La Molinera his services and favors in the future, since he imagines she is a beautiful maiden in need of his assistance.

La Tolosa (Prostitute From The First Inn)

Description: Readers first meet La Tolosa Don Quixote Novel sitting by the door of the first inn that Don Quixote visits. On her way to Seville with a group of muleteers, this lady of easy virtue is stunned when our knight approaches the tavern wearing a suit of armor replete with: a breast plate; a back plate; greaves; a gorget; and a helmet. What amuses her even more is the fact that Don Quixote carries a leather shield and lance and is covered in dust from head to toe. When Don Quixote calls her “a high-born maiden,” La Tolosa laughs aloud because such an honorable description conflicts with her profession as a call girl. After girding on Don Quixote’s sword to complete his dubbing, we learn that La Tolosa is the “daughter of a cobbler from Toledo Don Quixote Fiction who lives near the Sancho Bienaya market stalls.” To fit his chivalric fantasy, Don Quixote gives La Tolosa the honorific title of Donna, in belief that she is the princess of a castle.


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