June 1, 2023

I just like the overlaying tool in Lightroom Antique and it has spotted some changes over the previous few iterations, a couple of of them gorgeous essential. I was asked no longer too way back about this and it seemed like something you could be fascinated by should you’re a Lightroom client. If you happen to do any dodging and burning the least bit, the new AI functions are recreation changers, they usually’re super easy. In fact, they’re in point of fact simple it will convince a couple of of you to perform a little additional artwork with local adjustments to draw the eye to what’s important throughout the frame.

Some of the most simple techniques to turn this is with video so I’ve put together a 20-minute tutorial for you. You are able to watch that underneath.

I hope that turns out to be useful to you. If you happen to’ve got questions that I will take a shot at answering, leave them throughout the comments.

Originally posted 2023-01-13 12:51:32.