March 21, 2023

When comparing the responses for non-owners of cars, the share saying that they intend to purchase one in the future varies greatly around the world. In Nigeria, for example, the majority of people without a car would in fact like to have one at some point. In Japan, where 25% of respondents didn’t have their […]

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When evaluating the responses for non-owners of vehicles, the proportion announcing that they intend to acquire one sooner or later varies very much all over the world.

In Nigeria, as an example, the vast majority of folks with out a automobile would in reality love to have one in the future.

In Japan, the place 25% of respondents didn’t have their very own automobile, a trifling 6% signified dissatisfaction with this example.

In international locations similar to Finland, the Netherlands and Germany too, it seems that that for most of the people that don’t have a automobile, this has been a aware determination, reasonably than a scenario borne out of necessity.

Brazil and South Africa sign up for Nigeria with a majority of non-owners nonetheless meaning to purchase a automobile.

Pakistan and India are different growing/rising economies on the best of the rating.

The United States, well known for its love affair with the car, reveals its position across the heart of the pack with 33#

Substance beats taste for US automobile patrons. An important elements in purchasing a automobile are gas potency and protection in line with Statista’s World Shopper Survey.

56% of respondents mentioned gas potency, 55% on the best of the tick list are gas potency was once the modt necessary issue, 55% mentioned protection , stories 46% mentioned low value and 43% mentioned prime quality.

Handiest 32% mentioned taste was once a very powerful issue.

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