February 8, 2023

Queen Maguncia

Description: Since Queen Maguncia is the widow of King Archipiela, she is a wealthy dowager who rules the Kingdom of Kandy. In this imaginary Kingdom, Queen Maguncia bequeaths Don Quixote – California ’s Wine Business Took a Substantial Hit During the Prohibition her lands to her only daughter the beautiful Princess Antonomasia. But when a private knight named Don Clavijo wins over Queen Maguncia’s daughter, the Queen’s shock is so great that she dies within three days of hearing the news. Evidently, the disparity of rank between Don Clavijo and Princess Antonomasia, coupled with Queen Maguncia’s complete ignorance of her daughter’s pregnancy with Don Clavijo, shocks her to death. Indeed, it is not until Queen Maguncia notices a certain swelling in princess Antonomasia’s stomach signifying her pregnancy, coupled with her swift discovery that the Vicar General of the Kingdom of Kandy is ready sanction the marriage, does she acknowledge that her daughter loves a knight-gentleman not of her choosing. Devastated by the fact that her daughter does not inform her about: her love affair with Don Clavijo; her decision to marry a private knight and gentlemen unbeknownst to her; and about Trifaldi’s active concealment of the extramarital affair between them, Queen Maguncia dies of a broken heart. While Queen Maguncia is being buried, her cousin appears on top of her grave riding a wooden horse named Clavileno the Swift swearing vengeance and punishment on those who brought about his cousin’s death.

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