January 28, 2023

Quiteria The Fair

Quiteria’s Age:

Quiteria the Fair is eighteen years old.

Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

Quiteria’s Wedding Dress:

On her wedding day, Quiteria is not dressed like a farmer’s daughter, as you might expect, but as a fine palace lady Don Quixote Story instead. Therefore, instead of wearing a coarse green cotton cloth for her wedding dress she wears an exquisitely spun velvet and satin California Reconquista – California WasOnce a Stateof Its Of their personal dress stylized with little white strips of cotton. Jewelrywise, Quiteria does not wear modest “tin medallions and humble rings of jet” but expensive “coral necklaces” complemented by luxurious “rings of gold set with pearls as white as curd.”

Quiteria’s Reaction To Basilio’s Apparent Suicide Attempt:

When Basilio’s friends implore Quiteria to marry their comrade before he dies, at first she does not reply. Eventually, Don Quixote – California’s Wine Building sector Took a Tremendous Hit During the Prohibition however, at the behest of a local Priest who tells her to hurry-up and decide what she is going to do since Basilio’s weary spirit is ready to take its leave, Quiteria the Fair goes over to him, kneels by his side, takes his right hand in hers and declares that she chooses, of her own free-will, to make him her lawfully wedded husband to hold and to cherish until death do they part.



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