June 1, 2023

Welcome to the Photofocus Roundtable Podcast, where every month, our panel discusses some provide characteristics and topics on our minds. Changing into a member people this month are Dave Wilson and Drew Armstrong for a discussion about all problems drones and aerial pictures.

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Show Notes

YouTube Ideas

All people be informed from the internet these days.  We used to say that if you want to be informed something, Google it. Now, we say YouTube it. So, what is a smart YouTube channel that you simply like to be told from? What you might counsel to our listeners? 

Rob’s Recommendation 

Ron’s Recommendation



About your hosts

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson is a professional software engineer, occasionally-professional photographer, and up-to-the-minute drone convert.

Drew Armstrong

Drew Armstrong, Broker, Armstrong, Flinders & Friends Realtors PLLC


#1 Resale Exact Belongings Staff Countywide 2000-NOW 

Ron Pepper is a Bay Area photographer specializing in 360° panoramic images for corporations, places, homes, colleges and additional. He’s a LinkedIn Finding out author, mentor and trainer. You can practice him on his internet web page or Instagram.

Rob Moroto is a industry photographer based in Vancouver Island. From homes to parents to corporations, Rob loves showing a definite perspective through his lens. He sees depth in every specific individual and every object, irrespective of how plain they are going to seem. You can practice him on his internet web page or at CalgaryPhotos.ca.