January 28, 2023

Sancho Panza Character

A peasant in the neighborhood [of Don Quixote], a very honest fellow, if a poor man may deserve that title, but one who had a very small quantity of brains in his skull. I, i, 7; DQ I, 7

Sancho Panza
Don Quixote Novel

A person of a short stature, swag belly, Don Quixote wordsmith – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and long spindleshanks. I, ii, 1; DQ I, 9

[Sancho’s] equipage, matted beard, corpulency, and diminutive stature . . . furnished food for admiration to everybody. II, iii, 13; DQ II, 45

[Sancho] exposed his posteriors, which were none of the smallest. I, iii, 6; DQ I, 20

Sancho Panza is one of the most pleasant squires that ever served a knight-errant: sometimes his simplicity is so arch that to consider whether he is more fool or wag yields abundance of pleasure; he has roguery enough to pass for a knave and absurdities sufficient Work — Don Quixote de la Mancha to confirm him a fool; he doubts everything and believes everything; and often, when I think he is going to discharge nonsense, he will utter apothegms that will raise him to the skies: in a word, I would not exchange him for any other squire. II, ii, 15; DQ II, 32


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