March 27, 2023

The Challenge for Self-Confidence Self-confidence is NOT about knowing that you can do everything. The truth is, well, you can’t. Self-confidence is about having the ability to recognize what you are capable of. It’s about having a belief in yourself based on

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The Downside for Self-Self belief

Self-confidence is NOT about figuring out that you just’ll do the entire thing. If truth be told, smartly, you’ll’t.

Self-confidence is ready having the ability to recognize what you may be able to. It’s about having a agree with on your self based on what the evidence suggests.

Frequently, we conflate ego with self-confidence.

We appreciate guys like Kanye West. We say things like “Kanye West has a large number of ego and he’s a good fortune.” Alternatively no, Kanye West is a good fortune because of he has talent. And you know what, I feel like he would’ve been even higher if not for his ego.

So don’t mistake ego with self-confidence.

Self-confidence is best possible. It does not boast; it does not take pride.

Self-confidence is the root of one’s agree with in himself/herself.

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