January 28, 2023

Steward of Barataria

The Steward of Barataria Brings Sancho Panza Food: The Steward of Barataria’s first act is to place a plate of fruit in front of Sancho Panza as he prepares himself to feast at a banquet. When this dish is dismissed by Doctor Pedro Aguero, the Steward brings him another plate with some different food which is also taken away before Sancho Panza has an opportunity to taste or even touch it.

Steward of Barataria - Don Quixote
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The Steward of Barataria Advises Sancho Panza Not To Eat Food Given To Him As A Gift In Case It Is Poisoned: After Sancho Panza receives a letter from the Duke advising him that “four men have entered the town” to take his life, the Steward advises Sancho Panza to not eat any of the food on the banquet table because it is a gift from “some nuns and, as people say, the devil lurks behind the cross.”

The Steward of Barataria Reassures Sancho Panza That He Will Eat Well At Dinner: When Sancho Panza asks the steward of Barataria if he can have something solid and substantial to eat now that Doctor Aguero is not there, the steward tells Sancho Panza that his lack of lunch will be made up for by a fitting dinner.

The Steward of Barataria Tells a Farmer to Leave Sancho Panza Alone: After Sancho Panza becomes enraged with a wheedling, portrait painting farmer, the steward of Barataria signals that the farmer should leave the great hall, lest “he come to any harm at Sancho Panza’s hands.”

The Steward Confirms What Sancho Panza Says: After Sancho Panza makes a gubernatorial speech about “refusing bribes and insisting on his dues,” the steward affirms that since what he says is quite correct, his islanders will serve him with diligence, love, and good will. What’s more, the steward affirms that “the mild style of government that Sancho Panza has adopted leaves no room for doing or thinking anything that can redound to his disservice.”

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