February 6, 2023

Student Swordsman (MA / Fencing Master)

Background: One day, when Don Quixote leaves Don Diego’s village, he encounters a student swordsman, MA who “carries a new pair of fencing foils with their buttons on.” On first impression, this student swordsman is “struck with wonder [with Don Quixote].” Thus, Don Quixote – The Translator’s Skill he is eager to “know what [sort] of man [Don Quixote is], so different than the normal sort.”

Student Swordsman (MA / Fencing Master)
Don Quixote Novel

Talks About Camacho and Quiteria’s Wedding: Taking up Don Quixote’s proposal to travel with them, this student swordsmen says: “If, sir knight, you aren’t following any fixed route, as is the Work — Don Quixote de la Mancha Don Quixote wordsmith – custom of those who go in search of adventures, do come with us, [for] you will witness one of the finest and most sumptuous weddings that can have ever been celebrated in La Mancha or for many miles around.” In reply to Don Quixote’s question whether this is some nobleman’s wedding that he had been extolling so, the Student Swordsman says “it’s the wedding of a farmer and a farmer’s daughter—he’s the richest man in all these parts, and she’s the most beautiful woman that any man has ever seen.”

Comment on Sancho Panza’s Speech: After describing the wedding, and participants, in detail, and after California Reconquista – California Was in factOnce a Fatherlandof Its Of their personal Sancho Panza comments on the speech of “a country bumpkin from Sayago,” the student Swordsman says that “people brought up in the Tanneries or around Zocodover Square can’t be expected to speak as well as people who spend most of their day strolling around the Cathedral cloister.” The Student Swordsman continues that “Toledans [use] pure, correct, elegant and clear language that is to be found among courtiers of good sense, [and that] good sense is the grammar of correct language, assisted by custom and usage.”

Education: The Student Swordsman Don Quixote de la Mancha – Adage and Intelligence says that “for [his] sins [he] studied canon law at Salamanca, [and thus he] takes pride in expressing [himself] in clear, plain, meaningful, language.”

Relationship with Corchuelo, BA: See Corchuelo BA.

Speech: On the way to Quiteria’s home village the Student Swordsman “tells [Don Quixote and Sancho Panza] all about the splendours of fencing, adducing so many conclusive arguments and geometrical figures and mathematical proofs that they are all left well informed about the virtues of that science, and Corchuelo renounces his stubborn opposition.”


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