January 28, 2023

The Butler As Sancho Panza’s Gubernatorial Counselor

General Description: The Duke and the Duchess of Aragon assign their intelligent and humorous butler to be in overall charge of the operation of handling Sancho Panza when he is a pretend governor for 10 days.

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The Butler Reads Messages: One of the roles the butler plays during Sancho Panza’s governorship is to read letters from the Duke to Sancho Panza since Sancho Panza cannot read or write. Therefore, when Sancho Panza receives letters from the Duke, the butler reads them out loud.

The Butler Vows to Protect Sancho Panza: When Sancho Panza instructs his servants to pat a farmer down “to make sure he is not a spy or a killer” sent to gain information or to end his life the Butler tells Sancho Panza to have no fear since he is there with him.

The Butler Tells People What To Say to Sancho Panza: The butler coaches a farmer to ask Sancho Panza to match his son, a bachelor of philosophy, with a rich farmer’s daughter. (Here, the farmer tests Sancho Panza’s drive to budget city finances, by seeing if he will deny the dowery, and therefore preserve tax payer money for essential civil projects, or fritter it away on non-essentials, instead).

The Butler Is Astounded With Sancho Panza’s Wisdom: After Sancho Panza makes a variety of well-reasoned legal decisions about “refusing bribes and insisting on his dues,” the butler is astounded that a man who is as untaught as Sancho Panza, (i.e. a person who cannot read or write) can make so many keen observations full of wise maxims and good counsel “so different from what he is led to expect from his mind.” This observation leads the butler to say that “in life every day brings new surprises, jests turn into earnest and jesters find the tables turned upon them.”

The Butler Asks Sancho Panza To Resolve a Dispute Between a Gambler and a Knifer: When a a gambler’s assistant tries to rob the man he helps win at cards because he is upset with a small tip the butler tells Sancho Panza that he must decide what to do with these two men.

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