February 8, 2023

The Kingdom of Kandy

Don Quixote - The Kingdom of Kandy
Don Quixote Novel

The Kingdom of Kandy is a hypothetical realm imagined by the Duke’s Butler, to get Don Quixote to believe that he must travel to Sri-lanka on a flying wooden horse, to battle an evil giant named Malumbrino, to reanimate two petrified human beings. According to the Butler’s description of the Kingdom of Kandy’s exotic geography, readers are told that the land lies between the great Taprobana, which is between modern day Sri Lanka and the South Sea, two leagues beyond Cape Comorin, which is the tip of India west of Sri-Lanka. Ruled by Queen Maguncia, the Kingdom of Kandy is a mythical place, where women are wooed by verses and ditties and seguidillas of all kinds. Since the Kingdom of Kandy has a Vicar General to administer law and order, the regal municipality has a robust police force.

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