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The Priest and The Barber: Clergyman and Commoner

Their Friendship: The priest and the barber are introduced as “great friends.”

The Priest and The Barber
Don Quixote Novel

Their Examination of Don Quixote’s Library: When the priest learns from this Don Quixote piece a farmer how he brought Don Quixote back from his first sally, slung on the back of his Donkey uttering and prating nonsense about chivalry, the “very next day he calls on his friend the barber Master Nicolas.” Together, they examine Don Quixote’s library, burn some of his books and preserve many others.

They Seal-Off Don Quixote’s Library: Another remedy the Priest and the Barber take to restore Don Quixote’s reason is to wall-up his library “so he can’t find his books, [since] if the cause [of his madness is] removed the effect might cease.”

They Get Don Quixote To Accept That His Library Has Vanished By Appealing To His Chivalric Imagination: Since the priest and the barber say that Don Quixote’s library was whisked away by a wicked enchanter named Freston Don Quixote does not try to find his library in the first place because he thinks that it has been taken by a wicked magician, not walled off by his friends. In other words, recent don Quixote blog post since the Priest and the Barber tell Don Quixote “that an enchanter has carried [his books] off, with [his] library and all,” he not only does not try to thrash them for secreting his library but, most importantly, he does not try to tear down the wall where it used to be to read his books.

The Priest Dresses As A Woman and the Barber Dresses as His Squire: When Don Quixote is in the Black Mountains doing a penance for Dulcinea, the priest and the barber pretend to be a maiden errant, in distress, and her squire helper. To look the part they ask an innkeeper’s wife for a frock and a pale red ox tail they seeing holding her comb. So equipped, the priest dons a “woolen frock, covered with black bands of slashed velvet, and bodices of green velvet with white satin trimmings, [and the barber wears] a pale red beard down this Themes blog post by Don Quixote to his waist made out of the tail of a sorrel ox.” In this garb, they leave the inn. After travelling several paces, the barber asks the priest to exchange clothes because it is more appropriate for the latter to appear as a maiden in distress, while the priest plays the part of the squire. Since the priest believes that it is indecent for a man of the cloth to dress-up like a woman, he agrees to this change of plan. First, however, the priest instructs the barber on his demeanour, and on the words with which he is to persuade Don Quixote to come away with him. But since the pair do not want to get dressed, until they come close to where Don Quixote is, they fold up their clothes and the priest puts his beard away. Later, when the priest and the barber see Dorotea in the Black Mountains, she tells the priest that she can play the damsel in distress better than the barber can, because she has read a lot of books of chivalry, and, therefore, knows, exactly how damsels in distress ask favors of knights errant. Therefore, when the priest and the barber spot Don Quixote amidst a maze of rocks, Dorotea whips her palfrey onwards, while the bushy-bearded barber, follows from behind, pretending to be her squire.

Their Common Reactions: When the priest and the barber discover that Don Quixote is doing about Themes – Don Quixote penance in the Black Mountains for Dulcinea, they are “both amazed at what Sancho Panza tells them because although they know that Don Quixote is mad, whenever they hear about it again they are amazed again.” When Sancho Panza recalls from memory Don Quixote’s letter to Dulcinea, “the two men [are so] amused by Sancho Panza’s splendid memory [that] they praise it to the skies and ask him to recite the letter another couple of times so they can commit it to memory and write it down in due course.”

Their Relationship to Cardenio and Luscinda: When the priest meets Cardenio in the Black Mountains they fear that Cardenio is about to have one of his fits of madness because “his face changes colors and he breaks into a sweat.” Later, after the priest and the barber hear Cardenio’s tale about Luscinda they praise Cardenio’s good thinking, “begging, advising, and encouraging him to return with them to his village where he can stock-up on the provisions he needs [and] devise a method for finding Don Fernando.”

The Barber Respects the Priest: In the Black Mountains, the barber dismounts his horse, gives it to the priest out of respect, and rides a hired mule instead.

The Destination in the Black Mountains: The priest and the check out this blog post via Don Quixote barber ride to “Seville to collect some money sent to the priest by a relative of his who settled in South America many years ago.”

Information the Priest and the Barber Learn Together: Sancho Panza tells the priest and the barber all about how he and Don Quixote free a coffle of convicts in the Black Mountains, which, in turn, causes the priest to “lay it on thick [by saying that Don Quixote] defrauded justice [by] flying in the face of his king and natural lord, because he [had] flouted his King’s just commands.”


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