February 8, 2023

Tosilos (The Duke’s Lackey)

Tosilos’s Joust:

Tosilos (The Duke’s Lackey)
Don Quixote Novel

Tosilos is the Duke of Aragon’s Gascon lackey who has no choice but to joust Don Quixote when our knight delivers an ultimatum that either he will marry Dona Rodriguez’s daughter, Don Quixote Narrative as he said he would, or he will joust him on the field of battle. At the outset of this joust, the Duke of Aragon gives his lackey a thorough course of training, enumerating everything he has to do, which includes: removing the iron tip from his lance so that he can defeat Don Quixote without killing or wounding him; eluding the first clash of arms that would likely result in Don Quixote’s death if they meet at full tilt; addressing Don Quixote in high-flown language that don quixote – quixotic novels ancient knights of by-gone eras would use; surveying the field of battle to make sure that there are no hidden obstacles that could cause a trip and a fall; and, lastly, ensuring nobody has an unfair advantage because the sun is in his oppennent’s eyes. Subsequently, Tosilos, the Duke’s large lackey, makes his appearance on one side of the square to a fanfare of trumpets. People clap when he rides a powerful horse, with Don Quixote Story thundering hoofs, visor down, stiffly encased in strong and gleaming armor. To cheer the crowd, Tosilos rides around the square a few times to assess the field of battle. But when he comes to where Dona Rodriguez’s daughter is seated he stares at her for some time. Finally, when the master of ceremonies gives a signal to charge, Tosilos is in ecstasies as he thinks about the beauty of the woman he has made the mistress of his heart. Heedless of the trumpet blast, Tosilos declares himself defeated since he wants to marry Dona Rodriguez’s daughter. When Don Quixote sees that his enemy is not charging him, he stops in mid-career and declares that he is released and absolved of his promise to assist Don Quixote Narrative Dona Rodriguez’s daughter, since he does not want to achieve through strife and struggle what he can achieve in peace.

The Duke Punishes Tosilos For Not Jousting: Since Tosilos refuses to joust Don Quixote, the Duke imprisons him for two weeks.

Tosilos’s Horse: Tosilos’s war horse is a powerful and thundering Friesland, broad and dapple grey, and carries “fifty pounds of wool from each of its fetlocks.”

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