February 8, 2023

Vicente de la Rosa and Leandra
Don Quixote Novel

Vicente de la Rosa and Leandra: A Rake and His Prey

Leandra Falls In Love With Vicente de la Rosa: When Leandra sees, and indeed gazes upon Vicente de la Rosa from a window overlooking the town square, she is: captivated by his gaudy clothes; wooed by his guitar playing; enticed by his professed feats of bravado; bamboozled by all his fake battle scars; and succumbs to his scores of maudlin ballads. By the time Leandra talks to Vicente de la Rosa, she is already madly in love with him.

Leandra Initiates Relations with Vicente de la Rosa: Since it is a truth universally acknowledged that no affair of the heart “proceeds more smoothly than when the initiative comes from the woman,” it is easy for Leandra and Vicente to reach an understanding before any of her suitors have the slightest idea of her idle infatuation with Don Vicente.

Vicente de la Rosa Convinces Leandra To Run Away With Him: Promising to marry her, Vicente de la Rosa convinces Leandra to run away from home and abscond to Naples. Vouching to take her abroad to the “richest and most luxurious city in the entire world,” Vicente de la Rosa encourages Leandra to rob her father of his money and jewels. After ransacking her father’s house for valuables, Leandra flees with Vicente de la Rosa to a rocky mountain cave, where he strips her of most of her clothing, plundering everything she possesses except her honor. After fleeing the cave with a substantial amount of fine clothing, ready-money, and valuable jewels, Vicente de la Rosa is never heard from again.

People Are Stupefied When Vicente de la Rosa Runs Away With Leandra: When Vicente de la Rosa runs-away with Leandra all who hear about it are thunderstruck. “Eugenio is dumbfounded, Anselmo is stupefied, her father is wretched, her relatives are humiliated, the authorities are alerted, the Holy Brotherhood is astir.”

How the Authorities Locate Vicente de la Rosa and Leandra: The local authorities, including the Holy Brother Hood, patrol roads, search woods, and scour the countryside, in search of Leandra and Vicente. Finally, after searching for three days they find Leandra in her underwear shivering for warmth.

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