January 28, 2023

Virtue Theme in Don Quixote

Virtue in Don Quixote

Virtue Theme in Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

A varied theme in Don Quixote is the persecution of virtue, the quest for virtue, the unrecognized and unrewarded aspect of virtue, how Don Quixote maintains his virtue, or how other people, like the Duchess, complement Don Quixote’s virtue. Chronologically, the discussion of virtue appears at least eight times in the book. First, Don Quixote delivers the following article by Don Quixote on Characters speech to Maritornes about virtue: “Fortune which never tires of persecuting the virtuous has seen fit to lay me low in this bed, so weak and exhausted that, even if it were my desire to satisfy yours, such a thing [is] impossible.” Three hundred and eleven pages later, Don Quixote says that “virtue is more persecuted by the wicked than beloved by the righteous.” Sixty three pages later, Don Quixote tells Sancho Panza “that wherever virtue is found to a high degree Don Quixote blog post it is persecuted.” That, few, if any of the famous heroes of history have Don Quixote – Novel escaped the slander of malicious tongues.” Four hundred and fifteen pages later, Don Quixote tells Don Antonio Moreno that “the world is always loath to reward fine minds and praiseworthy labors. That such virtues [unfortunately are usually scorned!]” Happily, Don Antonio says that “Just as [light] cannot fail to be recognized, the virtue achieved in the profession of arms outshines and outclasses all others.” At this time Don Quixote tells us that “Poverty can cast a cloud over nobility, but cannot hide it all together [Don Quixote’s post about Themes] if virtue gives out a glimmer of light it will be valued and favoured by lofty and noble spirits.” Twenty four pages later Don Quixote says that “The poor gentleman has no means of showing that he is a gentlemen other than by his virtue being affable, well-bred, courteous and considerate and solicitous [and] not arrogant [or] a gossip” (524). Eleven pages later, Don Quixote tells his niece that he knows “that the road of virtue is very narrow and the road of vice is very broad and spacious. And [he] knows that they lead to very different a long Characters blog post from Don Quixote ends and goals, because the broad and spacious road of vice leads to death, and the narrow and toilsome road of virtue leads to life.” One hundred and sixty-six pages later Don Quixote asks a grave Churchman if “if it is empty nonsense or a waste of time to wander about the world in search not of pleasure but of the rough and rutted footpath up which the virtuous climb? (701). Three pages later, Don Quixote beseeches the Duchess of Aragon to enable him to maintain his virtue by allowing him to wait upon [himself] inside [his] own room [thus] build[ing] a wall there Don Quixote`s statement on its official blog between [his] desires and [his] virtue.” Seventy five pages later the Duchess says that “the most resplendent of [Don Quixote’s] many virtues is his chastity.”


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