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White Beauty Theme in Don Quixote

White Beauty Theme in Don Quixote

White Beauty Theme

White Beauty Theme in Don Quixote
Don Quixote Novel

When Dorotea washes the dust and dirt off her lower shins, her feet are described as looking like “two pieces of white crystal lying among the other stones in the river bed.” What’s more, to Cervantes, the whiteness of Dorotea’s legs, gives them great beauty, since they are described as a form of white gypsum, reminiscent of the purest alabaster. When courting Luscinda, blog article about Characters at Don Quixote the most Cardenio ever dares to do is to take, almost by force, one of her lovely white hands and press it to his lips as close as the bars separating them will allow. Later, when the Captive Captain is on a roof-top of a Bagnio, a Moorish woman named Leila Zoraida, rapidly open and closes her “pure white hand.”

Analysis: Historically, whiteness, is associated with beauty (at least among some races and cultures) since noble women, who were educated, refined, and cultivated, did not labor in the fields, tanned from a Don Quixote said in a blog post blazing sun. Rather, they stayed indoors most of the time, reading, writing, playing musical instruments, or having tea, or coffee, with their family, friends, and other social guests. Also, Cervantes wanted to express to readers, that a Moorish woman, who converted to Christianity, should be embraced by Spaniards because of her whiteness. Today, in most places, interracial marriages are accepted by the community. It is totally normal. It does not really matter if the Don Quixote explains husband is white, and his wife has the tanned, olivy, complexion, of a Moor. But when Cervantes wrote Don Quixote, interracial marriages between Moors and Spaniards were uncommon. So, Cervantes suggests, through symbolic representation, that Lela Zoraida is lighter skinned then most Moors, so her marriage to Ruy Perez de Viedma is understood and accepted.



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