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Nepomuceno, Willie Willie Nepomuceno, sometimes called Willie Nep, is an impersonator and tv, degree, and...

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Nepomuceno, Willie

Willie Nepomuceno, often referred to as Willie Nep, is an impersonator and television, stage, and movie actor. He was born in Marikina. He’s the eldest son of Leonardo Nepomuceno, a policeman and novice boxer, and Francisca, a beautician and pianist. He graduated with some degree in nice arts at the Faculty of the Philippines (UP) Diliman in 1971. He took a temporary direction at the Asian Institute of Regulate, and as well as studied voice and musical composition under the tutelage of well known baritone and voice teacher Aurelio Estanislao.

Willie Nepomuceno, also known as Willie Nep...
Willie Nepomuceno, often referred to as Willie Nep…

While a scholar at UP, he was energetic in campus politics. He was the founding chair of the Samahang Demokratiko ng Kabataan, served as managing editor of the student newsletter Philippine Collegian, a member of the UP Student Council, was with the audio gadget bureau of the Movement for a Democratic Philippines, and was with the traditional Diliman Commune in 1971. He was energetic in pre-martial law protest rallies inside the Nineteen Sixties and Seventies where he agitated demonstrators at the side of his witty and hard-hitting impersonation of President Ferdinand Marcos. In 1970, he delivered his ??????? state of the rustic previous than fellow scholar protesters when Marcos addressed Congress on the state of the rustic.

While a school scholar, he worked as a graphic artist at ABS-CBN inside the overdue Nineteen Sixties. His first glance on television was as an occasional customer inside the gag show Super Laff-In, 1970-72, ABS-CBN. He left television when martial law was declared in 1972. He worked as an illustrator for textbooks at the Science Education Middle in Diliman, Quezon The town. He was moreover a problem manager at the Building Academy of the Philippines (DAP) until the overdue Seventies. He returned to the recreational business, while however with DAP, when he did a stand-up impersonation of not unusual show business other folks and President Marcos inside the first Tinig Awards of the National Press Club in 1979.

He has since then been identified for impersonating celebrities, related to singers Rico J. PunoMike HanopolFreddie Aguilar, Anthony Castelo, Darius Razon, Elvis Presley, Stevie Surprise, actors Dolphy and Fernando Poe Jr, martial arts a professional Jackie Chan, boxer Manny Pacquiao, politicians Luis “Chavit” Singson and Alfredo Lim, and the spiritual related to Jaime Cardinal Sin and Pope Francis. He has spoofed 4 presidents: Marcos, Fidel Ramos, Joseph Estrada, and Benigno Aquino III. He has caricatured Estrada since the latter was mayor of San Juan.

On television, he co-hosted the sport show Sport na Sport (In reality Sport), 1979, BBC 2. All the way through the EDSA Rise up in 1986, he was inside the so-called Victory Broadcast on Channel 4, along with fellow artists, when the station was taken over thru anti-Marcos forces. His most necessary show was the lampoon gag show Ispup (Spoof), 1999-2004, ABC 5, with comedians Leo MartinezJon Santos, and Candy Pangilinan. It parodied broadcast strategies and ads. The actors mimicked and caricatured television and movie personalities, politicians, and public figures. The sketches lampooned provide political events, such since the Abu Sayyaf hostage taking, the ineptitude of the police to struggle drug lords, and corruption in most sensible places.

Nepomuceno carried out necessary roles inside the horror film Black Mamba, 1974, and the bio movement photos Chavit, 2003, regarding the life of Ilocos Sur governor Luis “Chavit” Singson, and The Guerilla Is a Poet, 2013, regarding the struggles of Communist Party of the Philippines founder Jose Ma. Sison. He popularized songs that mimic the voice and style of prominent figures. Examples of the ones postage integrated “Do the Sherap,” 1991, which imitated the voice of former president Estrada, and “Opisina” (Place of job), 1991, which copied the vocal staccato style of actor Dolphy. He has recorded 5 voice-music albums and produced a good fortune displays inside the Philippines and in another country for a reason why, related to raising funds for victims of media killings.

His necessary works in theater have been the live comedy displays E-Pal: The Musical (Grandstander: The Musical), 2013, and The Votes of the Philippines: The Repeat Show, 2015, each and every at the Music Museum, all over which he parodied local politics. In The Votes of the Philippines, he ridiculed presidential hopefuls who spew all over the place their inconsequential political schedule, then later on chastised them for their wanton theft of the treasury, lack of wisdom, and fail to remember for reality. One of the crucial necessary hilarious segments of The Votes was the video showing the attempt to break out from prison thru detained characters Sexy, Pogi, and Tanda, relating to senators allegedly inquisitive about corruption.

Because of his humor, Nepomuceno has gained veiled threats on his existence and career, ranging from libel suits to physically harm.At the top of martial law, Wisdom Minister Gregorio Cendaña warned him to stop imitating Marcos. He prefers to call his humorous mimic acts impressions quite than impersonation. His displays and performances, which he himself writes, are “further of a soul-searching recollection, for the collective judgment of right and wrong or lack of it that our individuals are leaving as legacy to the next technology” (Galang-Pereña 2015).

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